This Restaurant Says, ‘Cheese, Please!’

The Independent Restaurateur - 8/26/15

[From The Independent Restaurateur]

When most people think about comfort foods, one that’s normally at the top of their list is macaroni and cheese. Whether made from scratch or from the famous blue box, macaroni and cheese is warm and satisfying, and reminds many of us of childhood.

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SoCal Field Trips - 2/15/15

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Our family is a big fan of the classic blue box!  You know, the meal that your children ask for on almost a daily basis. One my children’s all time favorite dishes to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner (if I let them!) is mac ‘n cheese. They especially like to order it when we dine out.


Elbows Mac n' Cheese {Restaurant Review}

Simple Splendor - 2/10/15

[From Simple Splendor]

What is your favorite childhood meal?  What's the one meal that instantly bring you back to age 8 sitting at the dinner table with your siblings bickering next to you?  Pizza, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, mac n' cheese?  For me, it's hands down mac n' cheese.  Growing up it was my older sister's absolute favorite thing in the world so we ate a ton of it.  Usually it was just the gross Kraft kind, which as a kid is about as good as it gets.  



Popsicle Blog - 1/21/15

[From Popsicle Blog]

during the winter break, the boys an i headed over to Elbows Mac ‘N’ Cheese, one of Orange County’s newest restaurants. and you can probably guess by the name, that they serve macaroni & cheese. they do! and not just your average mac and cheese.


When Pigs Fly Ultimate Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

OC Mom Blog - 1/15/15

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Do your kids like macaroni and cheese? What kid doesn’t? Elbow’s Macaroni and Cheese in Brea is one of my kids favorite places to have the ultimate mac ‘n cheese experience. The owners of the restaurant recently offered us their secret recipe to their popular dish “When Pigs Fly” for us to share with you!


Mac n’ Cheese With a Twist

KTLA 5 Morning News - 12/24/14

[from KTLA 5]

Punita Patel from Elbows Mac n' Cheese joined us live with mac n' cheese dishes with a twist. This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on December 24, 2014.

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Comfort Food At It’s Finest: Elbows Mac N Cheese

Toddler Trails - 12/17/14

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If you’re a fan of the typical blue box mac n cheese, you’re going to love Elbows Mac N Cheese, now with two locations – Cerritos and Brea.


Take the stress-free route and get your turkey and trimmings to go

OC Register - 11/19/14

[from OC Register]

Four years ago this month, my mom was recuperating from surgery. We were ecstatic that she was on the road to recovery, but there was no way we were going to let her roast the usual 20-pound turkey for Thanksgiving.

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I’m much better at ordering than cooking. Yes, I can prepare a turkey, but I didn’t want the pressure of roasting Mr. Tom and preparing all the trimmings by myself.

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Get Cheesy at Elbow’s Macaroni and Cheese

OC Mom Dining - 11/17/14

[from OC Mom Dining]

Do your kids love macaroni and cheese? What kid doesn’t? Fulfill all of their cheese cravings at Elbow’s Macaroni and Cheese in Brea. You’ll have a “cheesy” dining experience enjoying all of their unique macaroni and cheese creations at this fast-casual restaurant.

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Elbows Mac n' Cheese Teams up with Canning Hunger for Holiday Food Drive

OC Foodies - 11/14/14

[from OC Foodies]

Elbows Mac n’ Cheese, the Orange County-based mac n’ cheese eatery known for its blend of classic American home cooking with gourmet international inspiration, is teaming up with Canning Hunger to give back this holiday season. Starting Sunday, Nov. 16 and running through Saturday, Nov. 22, Elbows Mac n’ Cheese will offer a free side to anyone that donates a non-perishable food item at its Brea and Cerritos locations. All food items collected will directly benefit Canning Hunger.



Elites Get Cheesy at Elbows Mac N Cheese in Brea

Yelp - 11/7/14

[from Yelp]

Elbows Mac N Cheese in Brea welcomed Elites for lunch as they served up some of their most creative cheesy concoctions for guests to gorge on. Creations mixed with buffalo wings, scrambled eggs, seafood, a turkey dinner, and more came out at a rapid pace before attendees could eat no more. If you can think it, they've probably already beat you to it and they're serving it up all year round!


Comfort Food at Elbows

diary of a MAD HUNGRY WOMAN - 10/17/14

[from diary of a MAD HUNGRY WOMAN]

It was so ironic that my son had asked me if we could visit the mac n cheese place we went to years ago. He was craving it he said and I had to crush his hopes because I told him Artesia was too far away. Fast forward two weeks later and a friend of mine asked if we’d like to join her and her family for mac n cheese at Elbows. Apparently, they’ve opened a new location in Brea — okay, still not close, but at least it’s in OC.

Naturally, the kids were excited, I was too because there were so many of us which meant we could order a lot to try. It has definitely been too long. I didn’t remember this many selections before and, there were now sandwiches and salads as well.


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Your Childhood Dream Come True: Elbows Mac 'N' Cheese

Much Ado About Fooding - 10/16/14

[from Much Ado About Fooding]

When you think back to your childhood, what are some of the most iconic dishes that come to mind? Is Kraft's Blue Box mac-n-cheese one of them? I remember the radioactively orange powder that got dumped into saucepans when we would beg not to eat Asian food on the weekends (on the rare, rare occasion my mother would allow it) and how it wouldn't dissolve completely sometimes, leaving a gritty texture with each forkful. As I grew up, mac-n-cheese did too to the school cafeteria version that was with softer pasta to the casual restaurant or buffet version that was slightly watery but felt more wholesome. Then I entered a world that understood the toasty, baked crust of a mac-n-cheese that contained sumptuous, umami-laden ingredients and showcased strings of oozy, melting cheese. No going back save for nostalgia's sake!

So what to do now when you just want that goodness without having to also order an entree (since it's usually a side order)? Enter Elbows Mac 'n' Cheese. The success of their Cerritos location led to their second spot in downtown Brea, guaranteed to garner attention. Created to "blend classic American home cooking with gourmet international inspiration," the restaurant is focused on more mac-n-cheese variations than you could imagine (though they do serve salads and sandwiches too). It reminded me of the mac-n-cheese spot I visited in St. Louis but with a simpler feel and more homestyle inspirations. We were invited in one afternoon to indulge a little and boy, did we!'


Move over Blue Box, Elbows Mac ‘n Cheese is here

Food Enthusiast Magazine - 10/15/14

[from Food Enthusiast Magazine]

- Tricia Cook

I have found the perfect solution for when you are having one of those days and just want a little reminder of when you were kid and your mom made you Mac ‘n Cheese and suddenly all was right with the world. That warm loving feeling can be re-lived by getting yourself over to the incredible Elbow’s Mac ‘n Cheese in downtown Brea or Cerritos.  You will definitely find comfort in one of their many ultimate cheesy and delicious dishes that they have on the menu.  They use only the highest quality and freshest of ingredients in all their dishes.

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Elbows Mac and Cheese teams up with Breast Cancer Angels!

[from Macaroni Kid Aliso Viejo]  10/9/14

The famous OC-based mac and cheese eatery is teaming up with Breast Cancer Angels in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month to support those in treatment and their families. On Friday, Oct. 17, 2014, in honor of National Pasta Day and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Elbows Mac n’ Cheese will donate 10 percent of gross receipts from both its Brea and Cerritos locations in support of those currently undergoing breast cancer treatment, and their families.

Head on over to Elbows Mac and Cheese on Friday 10/17 and eat to support a great cause!

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Elbows Mac n’ Cheese in Brea, CA

G Smart Magazine

[From G Smart Magazine]

Macaroni and Cheese is a protracted status comfort meals for all ages. Even Supposing most folks have been brought up at the bright orange-yellow macaroni and cheese from a field, it continues to instill times of households coming in combination at the desk to recap a day of college and paintings. It was reasonable, but warmed the tummies. A Few moms served it at the facet for dinner and others used it to stretch meats to make a one-pot meal.


Elbows Mac and Cheese Teams up with Breast Cancer Angels